Welcome to Sistapreneurs!!


Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I am sooooo excited to introduce you to my new blog, SISTAPRENEURS.COM.  It has been my goal for awhile to create a network and resouce for Black female entrepreneurs.

I hope through this blog, I can help other Black women to achieve their goals, be it Starting your own business, expanding your existing business, or whatever your entrepreneurial dreams may be!!!!? I was recently reading a book called, “Get Rich Click”, by Ostrovisky. He said something that trul resonated with me, and put it all in perspective. He stated, “There are 7 ways to get RICH in this Country.

1.Inherit It

2. Marry It

3. Invest for It

4. Get Lucky, The Lottery, or Win It

5. Work For A Company

6. Break The Law: Steal, Deal, or Con


XO & $$


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